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  August 24, 2016 

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Elizabeth Moss Consulting

EM Consulting is an Australian specialist consultancy focusing on healthcare systems, data dictionaries and minimum data sets.  Elizabeth Moss has a substantial track record in creating data dictionaries and data sets for Federal and International health agencies.


  • Consulting and expert advice to the Healthcare industry since 2001
  • ...


  • National Health Information Standards Project - Bulgarian Ministry of Health (funded by the World Bank)
  • PBS Australia (with Apis Consulting)
  • Medibank Private (with Apis Consulting)
  • ...


Health Informatics News

Take a Selfie in the ER - It Could Save You Thousands
Tuesday, 23rd August 2016
No matter how sick or injured you are when you enter a hospital emergency department, there's a critical moment you should capture on camera.  Better yet, ask a friend, family member, or even a stranger to photograph that moment for you.  It can save you thousands of dollars and your credit score.

ObamaCare Is Crashing And May Be Completely History By the Inauguration Of Our Next President
Friday, 19th August 2016
Many didn't believe it was possible when the CEO of Blue Cross told his investors that ObamaCare wouldn't even be around in 5-years.  Apparently, he knows his stuff, he was right, and the Democrats and the Obama Administration were either all wrong or they lied to the American People to get the Congress to vote for it before they read it.  Looks like the MIT advisor who mocked the stupidity of the American Voter was right, and that the corruption at the top isn't even trying to hide their endeavors.

Changing Scenarios in Population Health Management
Thursday, 18th August 2016
Health care management through IT became the order of the day for businesses.  In this process, population health management is going through changing scenarios with respect to rapid strides in wellness aided by IT.  Before going through the scenarios that portend the future, it is important to analyze the past.

Saying Goodbye to My Appendix
Thursday, 11th August 2016
When a self-help author has an emergency appendectomy she learns a few surprising things about herself and her healthcare coverage.  She passes on a few tips that could save someone time, stress, and maybe even their life.

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