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  February 20, 2017 

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Elizabeth Moss Consulting

EM Consulting is an Australian specialist consultancy focusing on healthcare systems, data dictionaries and minimum data sets.  Elizabeth Moss has a substantial track record in creating data dictionaries and data sets for Federal and International health agencies.


  • Consulting and expert advice to the Healthcare industry since 2001
  • ...


  • National Health Information Standards Project - Bulgarian Ministry of Health (funded by the World Bank)
  • PBS Australia (with Apis Consulting)
  • Medibank Private (with Apis Consulting)
  • ...

Health Informatics News

Spinal Cord Damage In Children And Infants
Wednesday, 15th February 2017
After spine surgery, in the rehabilitation period, you may need to manage soreness, pain, stiffness and limited mobility.  Different kinds of spine surgery involve the need to limit your exercises and activities.  Therefore you may require assistive tools at home.

ESR Blood Test - The Detector of Causes of Inflammation in a Human Body
Wednesday, 8th February 2017
An ESR Blood Test or Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate Test is a simple blood test that aids in the revelation of inflammatory activities occurring in the body.  Also known as a Sed Rate Test, it's typically advised by a physician along with other essential tests depending upon the kind of symptoms witnessed by an individual.  Read the article below for an in-depth analysis of the test type.

Voice of the Patient
Monday, 6th February 2017
For a healthcare provider to be successful as a business it must supply the services that patients want.  The quality of the service should be superior to its competitors.  That is why it is very important that providers actively monitor the needs and wants of its patients.  The care experience of the patient is truly important.  Listening to the patient is the approach to achieve this goal.  This article focuses on helping providers focus on the voice of the customer.

Model the Process
Monday, 6th February 2017
In business process improvement, it is quite important to model the process with a diagram.  These are termed value stream maps.  Doing so helps businesses standardize a process, improve a process and prevent wasting the customer's time.  This article discusses ways to map processes.

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